The Alien

Kyp, The Alien

Meet Kyp, the alien among the Sqauries. Crashed in a forest right outside of Sqauries town, he seek refuge in Squarie town. He is trying so hard to hide he is an alien, using his morphing skills to change his shape as much as he can, picking up local fashion and food habits, but is not doing a very good job 😁.

Until Squaries got kidnapped, he was the only Alien in town. In his attempt to blend in, he used to sneak in the shadow of the night and steal clothes from Squaries balconies.

In time, all Squaries knew he is an alien, but they did not tell him as he was so into playing his role of regular Squarie and he was fun like that. Hat shops started to create special hats designed to fit his head, ice cream shops started to create “The Alien shake” special that became Kyp’s favorite. More shops started to create special products for him and that made Kyp feel more welcome and more confident in his acting skills, thinking he fooled them all 😂

But this good life was brutally interrupted by the Evil blockchain army that moved them in the NFT Factory. While in the factory he discovered that he can use his code to multiply himself. You have to understand that while in the NFT Factory, Squaries where actually within the Blockchain and they were just a bunch of lines of code. As he was felling lonely, it was no a hard decision to take the opportunity and create himself a friend to share his secret with.

As it was a new technology for him as well, he did not know how to use it so he end up creating another 100 friends, not just one.

Now it is up to you to free them from the hands of the Evil Crypto.



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