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Zombies are fictional beings that are reanimated after their death, either by witchcraft or a virus. The term originates from Haitian folklore. A zombie (Haitian French: zombi, Haitian Creole: zonbi) is a mythological undead corporeal revenant created through the reanimation of a corpse. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. The term comes from Haitian folklore, in which a zombie is a dead body reanimated through various methods, most commonly magic like voodoo. Modern media depictions of the reanimation of the dead often do not involve magic but rather science fictional methods such as carriers, radiation, mental diseases, vectors, pathogens, parasites, scientific accidents. See full Wikipedia article here

The Zombie Story

Billy — The Original Squarie Zombie — Special Crypto Squarie

As Squaries adore movies, it was impossible not to have at least one zombie fan out there. Nevertheless, little did they knew, that in their town walked and lived a real Zombie.

Squaries learned how to fight zombies from the movies they constantly watched, so, in their free time, they used to design and create different types of zombie traps and weaponry.
Their arsenal was so vast and clever, that it could have annihilate an entire zombie invasion. Fact that terrified the only Zombie in town, at that time. Not to mention that it also prevented a promising Zombie Apocalypse.

Our Zombie, Billy, had to remain hidden in order to survive, as its only nourishment came from animal brain smoothies. Honestly, there have always been some Squaries that loved animal brain smoothies but couldn’t explain why. You won’t ever see a non-infected Squarie, drinking brain smoothie, though. They did not want anyone to know. They wouldn’t have had a good answer and explanation to provide, if anyone asked.

Our friend, Billy, used to be a regular Squarie actually, a blue skinned one. He used to have a nice little apartment near a famous ice cream shop, downtown. His usual attire consisted of a Halloween hat and an ice cream T-shirt.

Ice cream, like for many other Squaries, in fact, was Billy’s everyday dessert. There was not a day, without getting a nice and sweet vanilla or chocolate chip cookie ice cream. Oh and don’t worry, he tried all the flavors in both ice cream and smoothie department; especially all the ones that the ice cream parlor next door had in store.

Since he used to visit the shop regularly, he became a special customer and developed a wonderful friendship with the owner which gave Billy the courage to ask if he could have a special smoothie from animal brain, from time to time.
The owner thought that he was joking at first, well…that was until Billy came back one day and handed him an average food-container with an animal brain in it.

Reading the terror from his reaction, Billy reassured him that the brains he collects are only from deceased animals that died from natural causes and that he usually founds them into the woods. Squaries would never harm an animal!

And that’s exactly how Billy started to drink these smoothies. At first, he drank one animal brain smoothie a week…then, he started to feel the need of having it more frequently.

Sometimes, his urge to eat brain was so severe, he would not go and have it prepared as smoothie by the shop, he would just eat the brains right where he find it.

This constant habit caused his body to began morphing. His skin started to green itself; every time he would get a cut or an injury from hiking and wondering in the woods, his flesh wouldn’t heal anymore; even worms started to fill like home under his skin…
He got so bad, that he couldn’t walk outside anymore. During the day he remained hidden in his apartment, hanging out outside only in the night-time.

The ice cream shop owner was his only friend now, as it was the only one who knew about his little secret.
Billy asked him to borrow him a blender so he can prepare his own smoothies and avoid being seen at all cause. He did not want to scare nor harm any of his fellow Squaries.

That’s exactly how he continued to have smoothies without going out at all. He was even getting delivered ice cream from the shop from time to time. A brain smoothie or not, ice cream needed to be one of the ingredients.

When the Evil Crypto Army invasion started, Billy had the chance to taste his first Squarie brain from the Squaries that did not survived the assaults. He did not want to cause problems, as he was a peaceful creature that loved all the Squaries and wanted to help them retaliate.

When he got his first taste of Squarie brain, Billy didn’t got the whole brain out of the Squerie’s skull; he just took a small bite, before realizing what he just did, as he immediately got up an run off ashamed of his behavior.
He wanted to get away and avoid biting another Squarie, living or dead, as his brain craving began getting stronger.

Hiding in a demolished building not far from the place he committed his shameful “little crime”, Billy noticed that the supposed to be dead Squarie, began moving again.

The apparent revived being, moved weirdly, dangling it’s body from side to side as it’s limbs and neck remained contorted in an unusual way; it’s skin was now resembling Billy’s and this “thing” seemed like it was trying to eat another’s dead Squarie’s brain.

After a minute of watching the scene unfold, Billy realized that he could get into a win-win situation. He could create stronger soldiers by infecting the dead Squaries with his supposedly viral gene while eating good quality brain in the meantime.

That’s how he created 100 zombies soldiers ready to fight. Although, it was to late…
By the time he managed to get his “Army” together, the fight was already over and all the surviving Squaries and Zombies got captured.

The Evil Crypto Army was prepared for everything. They’ve encountered zombies before, so capturing them was easy. All it took, was a synthetic brain matter to lure and capture them.

The best part in all this, though, was that now the zombies, including our Billy, would have as much brain as they wanted without hurting anyone.
Their cravings for Squarie brain suppressed impressively, since now they were provided with a large variety of the highest quality animal brain smoothies and ice creams in the entire Crypto Universe.

Now it is up to you to free them from the hands of the Evil Crypto.

Don’t be afraid to release a Squarie Zombie, they are rare and peaceful creatures. Plus, our elders managed to steal the synthetic brain recipe from the old cook… shhhh!! 😉
So rest assured, that even when they will be minted and set free, they won’t be a danger to anyone!